hi, i’m gwen!

Just a girl looking to inspire others to live a simple life. Sharing my love for sourdough, from scratch cooking, home decor, gardening, sewing and homesteading.

I may live in the suburbs but I’m determined to prove you can still experience the farm lifestyle, even if you don’t live on a farm (yet!)

Homemaking & Homesteading In The Suburbs - Blonde girl in long dress, with basket of herbs, in backyard garden

Homemaking and Homesteading in the Suburbs

If you’re craving a simpler life, a return to nature, and want to romanticize everyday moments, then this blog is for you. Over here, I share my love for all things homemaking and homesteading, right here in the suburbs.

I hope to inspire you to grow where you are planted, and begin learning the many skills our ancestors once relied on, no matter where you live. Let’s learn and grow together!

What is Homemaking?

Homemaking is all about keeping your home running smoothly and making it a cozy place and loving environment for everyone. Here’s what it involves:

  • Housekeeping: This is your everyday stuff like cleaning, tidying up, and making sure everything’s in its place. You can have fun with this by making your own natural cleaning supplies, experimenting with different techniques, and reorganizing spaces (am I the only one who is addicted to decluttering!?)
  • Cooking: This part of homemaking is the absolute best! You’re the chef in your kitchen, planning meals, shopping for groceries, and cooking up tasty nourishing dishes that keep everyone happy and healthy. I’ve always loved cooking and now I get to do it every day, making food for the people I love most.
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