IKEA DIY Cane Night Table | Easy Tutorial for Beginners

This easy step-by-step IKEA DIY Cane Night Table tutorial will show you how to transform the RAST dresser into instagram-worthy night tables on a budget.

Give your bedroom the makeover it needs all on a limited budget with this simple step-by-step tutorial that includes plenty of photos and videos making it perfect for beginners.

Easy IKEA DIY Cane Night Table

Sometimes the mood strikes to redecorate your entire home, but once you realize just how much all that new furniture is going to cost… you think again. Well, thats where this easy IKEA hack comes into play!

Similar cane night tables can be found on your favourite furniture site for upwards of $500 each. But I was able to make BOTH of these for a total of $300 (only $150 each!)

I am so in love with how beautiful these night tables look. They really complete my bedroom, make it feel so expensive, and they’re practical too (the drawers are a life saver and way to hide all my bedside knick knacks like books, tallow whip, etc.). Plus, there really is nothing quite like the satisfaction of knowing you made it all by yourself.

I am by no means a handy person and I’ve never done something like this before. I was so nervous! But that is why I am confident in saying that literally anyone could make these. If I can do it, so can you!

original ikea rast table and the transformed cane black version

Supplies Needed:

Tools Needed:

IKEA DIY Cane Night Tables:

Here is a general overview of the steps involved in making these magazine-worthy night tables.

  • Step 1: Build IKEA Rast dresser according to instructions
  • Step 2: Paint or stain tables and allow to dry
  • Step 3: Cut rattan fabric to size using scissors
  • Step 4: Apply wood filler and sand
  • Step 5: Staple rattan fabric to drawer fronts
  • Step 6: Cut wood trim using saw (or get cut at your local Home Depot)
  • Step 7: Glue wood trim to drawers
  • Step 8: Attach drawer handles

As you can see, it’s really not that complicated at all! If you’re prepared and determined, you could easily have these done in just one weekend too.

Where to buy Cane or Rattan Fabric?

I purchased the cane fabric online from Frank Supply. This is the medium radio weave in 24″ width. For two night tables, you’ll need a total length of 42″.

Step 1: Build IKEA Rast Drawer Unit

Open up your IKEA box and get to work building these dressers according to the instructions it comes with. Just skip the last step for now and don’t add the drawer handles (we’ll do that later).

IKEA Rast night table in box with instructions
a built IKEA wood rast night table

Step 2: Paint or Stain Tables

Now it’s time to paint or stain the furniture using whatever colour you would like.

I used a black wood stain from Varathane and ended up using about 5 layers, applied over the course of 3 days. If I could go back in time I would have opted for some black paint instead of stain, as it would have required a lot less time to get the same black opaque finish.

I should also note that you only need to paint the main unit, not the drawers.

Varathane Ebony Wood Stain can
applying black wood stain to IKEA rast table using foam paintbrush

Optional: Once dry, you can apply one layer of a clear polyurethane top coat. This will help to prevent stains and scratches.

close up of BEHR polyurethane top coat in can
Using paintbrush to apply clear poly top coat to black rast ikea dresser

Step 3: Apply Wood Filler

While your paint or stain is drying, you can get started working on the drawers. The first thing we need to do is fill in the pre-drilled holes on the drawer fronts using a natural coloured wood filler. Allow to dry and then sand smooth.

close up of elmers natural wood filler in tube

Step 4: Soak & Cut Cane Fabric

Then soak the cane fabric in water for at least 30 minutes, or overnight. I filled up my bathtub with water and held the fabric down using some candles for weight. This will help to soften the fabric making it easier to cut and apply.

cane fabric soaking in bathtub full of water with candles to hold down

Once soaked, remove the cane webbing and lay it down on a towel. Measure the drawer face and cut it to size, leaving a little room around the edges for the wood trim to go. I cut mine to be 6 inches wide by 21.5 inches long.

Step 5: Staple Cane Webbing to Drawers

Attach cane webbing to centre of drawer front using a staple gun. Add a staple every inch or so along the edge.

Step 6: Cut Wood Trim

Cut the wood trim to size. You can either use a saw at home, or you can take it to your local Home Depot and they will cut it for free for you! Just make sure to make your measurements ahead of time before going.

For 2 side tables, you’ll need 12 pieces that are 58cm in length and 12 that are 13.2cm in length. Once cut, be sure to sand the edges smooth.

cut wood trim sitting on chair
using electric sander to sand edges of wood trim

Step 7: Glue Wood Trim

Apply wood trim to drawer fronts using wood glue (I used the Gorilla brand wood glue). Use clamps to hold the pieces in place while they dry.

hand holding gorilla wood glue in bottle

Step 8: Attach Handles

You’re almost done! The very last step is to attach handles to the drawers. Use a drill bit to create a hole in the top centre of each drawer front and then screw in the handle of your choosing. I used the knobs that the IKEA Rast dresser comes with but painted them black first.

using electric drill to make hole in drawer front
close up of knobs on night table

Watch: Video Tutorial

If you’d rather watch this IKEA DIY Cane Night Table tutorial, then check out this short 3 minute video!

I truly hope this post was helpful. If you end up making this Easy IKEA DIY Cane Night Table, be sure to tag me on instagram @gwenthemilkmaid – I would love to see it!

And if you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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