hi, i’m gwen!

Just a girl looking to inspire others to live a simple life. Sharing my love for sourdough, from scratch cooking, home decor, gardening, sewing and homesteading. I may live in the suburbs but I’m determined to prove you can still experience the farm lifestyle, even if you don’t live on a farm (yet!)

I’m a 28 year old from Toronto, Canada. I have two beautiful cats, Maui & Beau, who often make appearances in my Youtube videos.

I grew up in the suburbs but always knew the country life was for me. I just got married and can’t wait to start building a family and move to a farm when God ordains it. I dream of frolicking barefoot in the garden, milking cows, cuddling chickens and riding horses, with 4 little ones by my side.

I love sharing my life with others – all the ups and the downs – so you can learn from my mistakes and be both inspired and encouraged to build the life of your dreams.


A Few Fun Facts About Me:

  1. I used to be a fashion influencer on Instagram and Youtube. You read that right – brands actually paid me to wear and take photos in their clothes! Truly a dream come true for me. After a few years though, I realized I couldn’t in good conscience continue promoting a life of excessive consumption and fast fashion. But if you’re ever wondering why I have so many pictures of myself… that’s why LOL.
  2. I lived in the city for 6 years before spontaneously moving to a small town in the suburbs. It brings me so much joy being close to farms and empty fields that I can’t quite believe I ever used to be a city girl.
  3. I also used to be an ASMR artist on Youtube! I amassed over 500,000 subscribers before calling it quits. It was super fun for me at the time, but I didn’t love having to wake up in the middle of the night to film videos when it was finally quiet out. But I do always think – once I have a farm in the middle of nowhere – I might make a few more videos (so long as I can film them during normal daytime hours!)
  4. I was a passionate vegan for 9 years. And now I dream of having my own farm, raising animals for meat, dairy and eggs… Oh, how things change eh?
  5. Once upon a time I thought I’d never want to get married or have kids. But now I’m recently married and dream of having *at least* 4 babies.

The Milkmaid Supply Co.

It’s through my love for all things homesteading that The Milkmaid Supply Co. was born! My mission is to provide truly natural, nourishing and hand crafted products that bring you one step closer to our ancestral heritage. I hope to encourage others to find as much happiness as I have in returning to nature and living a little bit slower paced.

From handcrafted 100% grass fed tallow whips, organic oil blends and linen aprons, I have everything you need to get started on your simple living journey. All items are made in Canada with so much love. Check it out and thank you for supporting my small business!

Gwen's Farmhouse
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