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    hi, i’m gwen!

    Just a girl looking to inspire others to live a simple life. Sharing my love for sourdough, from scratch cooking, home decor, gardening, sewing and homesteading.

    I may live in the suburbs but I’m determined to prove you can still experience the farm lifestyle, even if you don’t live on a farm (yet!)

    Homemaking & Homesteading In The Suburbs - Blonde girl in long dress, with basket of herbs, in backyard garden

    Homemaking and Homesteading in the Suburbs

    If you’re craving a simpler life, a return to nature, and want to romanticize everyday moments, then this blog is for you. Over here, I share my love for all things homemaking and homesteading, right here in the suburbs.

    I hope to inspire you to grow where you are planted, and begin learning the many skills our ancestors once relied on, no matter where you live. Let’s learn and grow together!

    What is Homemaking?

    Homemaking is all about keeping your home running smoothly and making it a cozy place and loving environment for everyone. Here’s what it involves:

    • Housekeeping: This is your everyday stuff like cleaning, tidying up, and making sure everything’s in its place. You can have fun with this by making your own natural cleaning supplies, experimenting with different techniques, and reorganizing spaces (am I the only one who is addicted to decluttering!?)
    • Cooking: This part of homemaking is the absolute best! You’re the chef in your kitchen, planning meals, shopping for groceries, and cooking up tasty nourishing dishes that keep everyone happy and healthy. I’ve always loved cooking and now I get to do it every day, making food for the people I love most.

    • Childcare: If there are children in the household, homemaking can include caring for them, which encompasses feeding, bathing, entertaining, and educating them. I’m not currently in this season of my life, but I’m so excited for the day I get to be a mom!
    • Budgeting: You’re in charge of the money, making sure bills are paid, budgeting and that you’re saving up for the families future needs.
    • Home Maintenance: This can include minor repairs, organizing home improvement projects, and ensuring the home is safe and functional.
    • Making It Cozy: You get to play interior designer, choosing decorations, selecting furniture, and making sure your home is the comfiest spot for your family.
    Homemaking & Homesteading In The Suburbs
    Homemaking & Homesteading In The Suburbs

    What is Homesteading?

    Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It’s about being less reliant on external systems and more on your own resources and abilities. 

    And the best part? You don’t need acres of land to get started! Homesteading can be done on a variety of scales, from a small suburban backyard to a large rural property. It’s about a commitment to living a more sustainable, self-reliant life, learning and reviving traditional skills.

    Sure, I dream of having a 50 acre farm one day, but right now I’m learning to homestead even though I live in the suburbs. And you can too! No matter where you live, there are so many skills to learn:

    • Growing Your Own Food: It can start with just a few herbs on your windowsill or maybe a couple of raised garden beds if you’ve got the space. Whether you’re starting from seeds or picking up plants from the local nursery, you’re bound to learn a ton. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even get into raising chickens, a dairy cow, or other animals for meat someday – that’s definitely on my wish list!
    • Food Preservation: Part of being self-sufficient is preserving what you grow or raise. This can involve canning, drying, fermenting, freeze-drying and freezing food to use throughout the year. Beginners can start by buying produce in bulk when on sale, picking a preservation method, and giving it a try!
    • Herbal Remedies: Homesteaders often turn to natural remedies and herbal medicine, using plants and herbs they grow themselves. Start with some homemade elderberry syrup or herbal tea!
    • Cook From Scratch: Cooking from scratch is a big part of homesteading, and it all begins in the kitchen. You can learn to make all sorts of things like homemade butter, apple sauce, sourdough bread, yogurt, tomato sauce, mayo, bone broth, and so much more. The options are limitless!
    • Sourdough: Make your own sourdough bread, bagels, pizza and pie crust. If you want to get extra fancy you could even try grinding your own wheat berries into flour!
    • Homemade Products: Make your own natural cleaning and beauty products. It’s cost-effective, reduces waste, and is healthier for your skin and home. I love turning fresh herbs and beef tallow into skincare, and making vinegar infused cleaning sprays.
    • DIY Projects: Homesteaders often take on a variety of do-it-yourself projects, from building chicken coops to creating their own furniture. It’s all about using your hands and creativity to make what you need.
    Blonde girl baking sourdough bread in kitchen

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    If you’re as excited about homemaking and homesteading as I am, then follow along so we can learn and grow together!

    And check out my small business, The Milkmaid Supply Co., for handcrafted tallow skincare and linen aprons!

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